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Диалог между John и Stellwerk
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  1. Stellwerk
    30.11.2013 15:45
    Hello again, perhaps my last message don´t arrived you. How much must I pay for the three pics of Andrea Henkel? An on which conto I must transfer they money? Thank you? Your´s Stellwerk!!!
  2. Stellwerk
    14.08.2012 16:14
    Hey John! I have a question! Why I can not see/open/acess your threads in the forum with for example the pics of the DFB Cup final with Magdalena! I was loged in the forum and can see the most threads, but the pics and posts in the forum you post in I can´t press the mouse button on the pics so I can see! Please tell me short why I can´t and what I can/must do that I can ??? I´m allowed to ask you because I cannot speak and write Russia!Thank you very much and good Luck! Your´s user STELLWERK!!!

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